Targeted Sequencing
Exome Sequencing
Microbial Sequencing
Mitochondrial Sequencing
Poly(A) RNA-Seq Sequencing
Total RNA-Seq Sequencing
microRNA Sequencing
Degradome Sequencing
lncRNA Sequencing
circRNA Sequencing
Whole Transcriptome Sequencing
m6A RNA Sequencing
microRNA Profiling Microarray Service
Gene Expression Profiling Microarray
DNA/RNA Aptamer Microarray Service
Epitope Mapping Microarray Service
Kinase Profiling Microarray Service


Bioinformatics Services

Antibody Services

Developing & producing antibodies for more than ten years, so we are confident that we have expertise, experience as well as enabling technologies on antigen design and antibody purification to customize the high quality antibodies that you are in need.
Recombinant Ab Production
Short Production Cycle
High Specificity&Purity
Minimal Deviation
Polyclonal Ab Production
Multiple Immunogen Options
Multiple Host Options
Large Scale Production
Monoclonal Ab Production
Multiple Immunogen Options
Multiple Purification Options
High Specificity & Purity
Modified AbProduction
Poly- or Monoclonal Options
Multiple Host Options
High Specificity & Purity


Protein Services

Recombinant Protein Expression Service
In vitro E.coli Expression System
E. coli Expression System
Yeast Expression System
Insect Baculovirus Expression system
Mammalian Cell Expression System
Why choose us?
Risk-free: Do not charge by steps. No protein, No charge
Competitive price as low as $535
more than 35 kinds of tags meeting different demands
Secondary AKTA-SEC purification to ensure high purity
Ability to achieve large-scale protein production (10 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg available)
Final Deliverables:
Purified protein, the purity is more than 85%;
Standard COA report as well as datasheet, including tag information, molecule weight, electrophoretic parameters, protein expression quantity, concentration, purity, SDS-PAGE, etc.

Post-purification services :

Endotoxin removal
Aseptic process and
Note: This risk-free custom protein service is only suitable for proteins within 800aa.We will charge according to different steps if you need to express proteins more than 800aa.

Molecular Biology Services


Small Molecule Services


Elisa Services

Pristine Biomedical offers a full spectrum of molecular and cell biology services. These include essential techniques such as cell culture in a variety of cell lines, transfection, optimization of protein expression, affinity purification, protein conjugation, and much more. All these services are In addition to our comprehensive gene-to-protein custom service, With our broad range of complementary service platforms, Pristine Biomedical can provide you  with a complete, time-saving solution tailored to your specific needs. Our Molecular Biology Services include, but are not limited to:
Gene cloning and subcloning
Vector Construction & Cloning
Plasmid Services
RNAi Services
Gene synthesis
Affinity purification
Lyophilization & vialing
Protein refolding from inclusion bodies
Protein analysis (SDS-PAGE, Western, IP, etc.)
Protein conjugation (biotin, FITC, streptavidin, nanoparticles, etc.)
Endotoxin quantification
Cell culture
We offer tiered services to fit the needs in different drug discovery and development stages, such as high-throughput early DMPK screening, GLP-compliant full/partial method validation and sample analysis for IND-enabling TK, and GCLP-compliant clinical bioanalysis
Experienced ELISA development, tailored to achieve your goals. ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is a widely-used assay for quantification of analytes in a sample, and has long been used as the gold-standard in both clinical and research laboratories. Projects that we run for our clients vary from routine outsourced ELISA assays, to more sophisticated assay development for clinical samples, contaminant testing, and other applications. We have experience developing assays in multiple formats. We will work with you directly to design an assay that achieves your objectives.

Assay Development Process Overview

Design Input

Antibody Selection


We discuss the purpose of your assay and help you decide on format and configuration.
Certain antibody combinations are best for specific assay types. For example, in sandwich ELISAs, one antibody traps the analyte, and the other antibody is used to detect. These pairs are tested for compatibility
We ensure the antibodies are properly attached to solid phase for optimal reactivity.

Prototype Development, Pilot Studies

Technology Transfer

We test standard samples, matrices, conjugates, etc. in combination to create the prototype
We transfer the technology to your laboratory, ensuring that the assay works in your technicians' hands. We help you select standards and set aside key controls, etc.

Immunology Experiment Technical Service

Gene Synthesis Services

Oligo Synthesis Services

Pristine Biomedical provides professional immunology experiment technical service such as immunohistochemistry, western blot, immunoprecipitation, with experienced technicians and perfect equipment. We provide customers with reliable, high-quality experimental data and the complete test report.
1. immunohistochemistry technical service
2. Western Blot Technical service
3. IP coIP Technical service
4. Immunofluorescence Technical service
Backed by our 99.9% completion rate, Pristine Biomedical can synthesize naturally occurring sequences, codon-optimized genes, gene libraries, complex sequences, large sequences, or any other sequence you need for your research--no matter the difficulty level.

With industry-leading Ph.D.-level technical support to proactively communicate and troubleshoot technical difficulties, it's no wonder top research labs and pharma/biotech companies around the world rely on Pristine Biomedical's established protocols to synthesize their long and difficult DNA sequences.

Our streamlined process offers timely and dependable results, giving you the flexibility to focus on other research priorities. Simply submit your nucleotide or amino acid sequence, and we will deliver it exactly as ordered
Pristine Biomedical provides a suite of oligo synthesis options to meet the ever-changing needs of the molecular bench scientist. From oligos for Sanger sequencing and PCR to oligos modified with your choice of over 200 chemical modifications, our oligo synthesis services provide the high quality results you expect from Pristine Biomedical with the breadth of oligo synthesis expertise you need for your experiments.

Need small-scale oligos fast? Our Oligo-Rapid Synthesis Service provides 25 and 50 nmol scales for standard, desalted oligos, with an expedited overnight delivery option available.

Have a large oligo project? Need a chemical modification, long (>60 nucleotide) oligos, or HPLC/PAGE purification? Our Oligo-Flex Synthesis Service provides a vast array of service options.

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